The International Relations Council, Mt. Pleasant Area has a long history of hosting international students from Okaya, Japan- Mt. Pleasant’s Sister City. In 2009 we were privileged to host four high school students and a chaperone. These visitors had some very complimentary comments. This is what they had to say.

test1“There are so many good things I’ve experienced in my first trip to the US. I was blessed to have an amazing host family, who were also very interested in Japanese culture as much as I was interested in theirs. Their magnificent house is decored with different kinds of Japanese arts (paintings, dolls, etc.). I truly enjoyed the time I spent with them exchanging stories about our way of living and traditions. Words are not enough to express how much I am grateful for this program.”
–Miki Hatanaka

“Frolicking in the sand dunes, touring CMU by bike, kayaking along the Chippewa River, tubing at Coldwater Lake, capped with an amazing tour of the Mackinac Island were the highlights of my adventure in Michigan. Aside from enjoying the great program planned by the people of IRC, what I cherish most are the memories of the people I’ve encountered during my short stay in Michigan. Thank you very much.”
–Masako Satoyama

“What can I say? The food is just unbelievable! Everything is supersized! America is a land of choices. I think it reflects the generosity of its people. I love America.”
–Mikako Ito

“I was surprised to discover that the city of Mt. Pleasant is without any mountains. But what surprised me more is how abundant it is with natural test2wonders like the great lakes and the lush green forest that covers
the region. It’s breathtaking to see the endless skies meeting the earth on its horizon.”
–Ryo Oguchi

“I had an awesome time with my host family. I could just go on forever talking about how wonderful they are. Through them, I got a glimpse of what American lifestyle is. And I discovered that the greatness of this
country lies in its people.
–Mervin Salazar (Chaperone)